Help Protect Canada’s Poultry and Dairy Sectors!

Act now to help protect Canada’s poultry and dairy sectors. Please send a letter to the federal ministers responsible for renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and tell them that Canada’s supply management system is not up for grabs!

Why is protecting our supply management system so important? Because:

  • The supply management system for poultry and dairy has served Canada very well for more than 70 years.
  • The supply management system generates more than 345,000 jobs in the production and processing of eggs, chicken, turkey, and dairy products.

  • Many of the jobs in the poultry and dairy sectors are good union jobs that are central to the economies of many small and mid-sized communities across Canada.

  • Supply management makes sure that farmers get a fair price for their product, and is essential to helping family farms survive and thrive.

  • Strong domestic poultry and dairy production is critical to protecting Canada’s food sovereignty and food safety standards.

  • Without supply management, Canadian taxpayers would likely have to spend billions of public dollars on subsidizing the poultry and dairy sectors.

Help protect our food system. Stand up for Canada’s poultry and dairy sectors today! Join this critical effort by sending a letter now.