The Union for Cannabis Workers – UFCW Canada

As the leading union for cannabis workers, UFCW Canada represents employees at cannabis retail stores, call centres, growing facilities, bakeries, and dispensaries across Ontario, and the United States with rates up to $35 an hour and higher.

In the United States at Minnesota Medical Solutions, UFCW members make $33 to $73 dollars an hour as cultivators. Extractors earn $32 to $37 dollars an hour. At Natural RX in Oregon, trimmers are guaranteed $23 to $32 dollars an hour. Cultivators are paid $32 to $48 dollars per hour, thanks to a union contract negotiated by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) - the Union for Cannabis Workers across North America!

UFCW members work in growing facilities, dispensaries, cannabis bakeries, and hydroponic stores. Their union contracts have achieved employer-paid extended health benefits, pension plan contributions, health and safety improvements, legally binding job security, and guaranteed annual pay increases.

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