#TossTuition - Make tuition free

Tuition fees and student debt in Canada

Canadian Federation of Students’ Submission

Everyone should have access to a good education. That’s why public and high school are free. The same should go for university and college because everyone should have the Freedom to Learn.

It’s time to make tuition free for college and university students because post-secondary education is one of the biggest things that creates opportunity, equality, and community-building skills.

Right now, millions of deserving students in Canada can't afford post-secondary education. They have to borrow and they typically face tens of thousands of dollars in debt when they graduate. That’s a huge rock to haul around when you’re starting out that can drag you down for decades.

Every aspiring post-secondary student in Canada deserves the Freedom to Learn. It’s a human right and Canada can afford it. That’s according to studies where it’s worked in other countries like Germany and in Scandinavia. And a recent study by the Canadian Federation of Students points out how governments can redirect resources they already have to make tuition free by replacing it with grants.

For us, Freedom to Learn is not a new idea. For more than two decades, UFCW Canada has made educational resources available for free to UFCW Canada members and their family members through webCampus – an online learning academy with hundreds of courses to choose from. Certain courses qualify as credits with some of Canada’s leading colleges and universities.

It’s time to go further. Help make Freedom to Learn a national reality for all post-secondary students. Get the message out to make tuition free at colleges and universities. Tweet our Prime Minister and Minister of Youth Justin Trudeau @JustinTrudeau. Tell him why Freedom to Learn is so important and why the government should toss tuition aside as an obstacle to equality. Use the hashtag #TossTuition when you tweet.