Young members unite in the Prairies for latest YIP session


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Winnipeg – July 18, 2016 – UFCW Canada young member-activists from across the Prairies recently gathered in Winnipeg, Manitoba for the latest session of Canada's leading internship program for young workers – the UFCW Canada Young Workers Internship Program (YIP).

Young member-activists from UFCW Canada Locals 1400 and 832 participated in a week-long session where they explored the meaning of working collectively and learned how to become more active within their union and their communities.

Throughout the week, the group was joined by UFCW Canada Local 832 President Jeff Traeger, who spoke at length about Local 832's efforts to fight for workers across Manitoba, as well as the importance of programs like YIP.

"It is so important to continue programs like YIP and encourage fellow young members to get involved, to get active, and to take part," says UFCW Canada National Representative and YIP coordinator Pablo Godoy. "Young people are excited, energetic, and have an abundance of good ideas. They leave this program feeling inspired, and equipped with the tools necessary to take those ideas back to their workplaces and communities and act upon them," he adds.

During the session, participants also received a chance to document and showcase what they learned through an online Piktochart publication.  

The 2016 Young Workers Internship Program will now head west to British Columbia for its final session of the year. To learn more about YIP, click here. You can also follow the program on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram