CALLING ALL ACTIVISTS: Stand for Change at Walmart by Supporting a Striker on “Black Friday”!


On Friday, November 23 – also known as “Black Friday” – Walmart workers across the United States are taking a new level of action. 

Black Friday is the most important shopping day of the year for Walmart and Walmart workers.  There is more business, more customers, and more attention on this company than ever before. 

Coordinating across America, OUR Walmart workers are building on a nationwide outpouring of support for Walmart workers for a nationwide day of non-violent action, including strikes, but they need your help to make this Black Friday the most significant in the history of American retail.

This Black Friday Walmart workers are walking out, and unlike UFCW members, they do not have the protection of a union or a strike fund. They are brave enough to do it on their own. 

Support these brave workers by donating grocery gift cards so they can feed their families. You and your members can contribute today at

To find out more about the Black Friday action and all the ways you can join Walmart Workers in this important campaign to create more fairness, go to OUR Walmart.