Fairness campaign for workers at Covered Bridge Potato Chips spreads to stores


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Hartland, N.B. – February 4, 2016 – UFCW Canada Local 1288P members on strike at Covered Bridge Potato Chips are continuing to hold strong on the picket line, as their campaign for fairness spreads out across the province to the storefronts of major retailers.

The Covered Bridge Potato Chips members were forced on strike last month, after the company continued to refuse bargaining for a first contract with a living wage, and basic workplace rights including seniority. The members at Covered Bridge voted to join the union more than two years ago and since then, the New Brunswick labour board has ruled that the company has violated the province's Labour Act five times, and ordered the company to stop intimidating union supporters.

Supporters have begun leafleting at major retailers across the province, asking customers not to buy Covered Bridge Potato Chips until the strike is over. The members are also asking consumers to drop Covered Bridge Chips Potato Chips off their snack list for Super Bowl gatherings and parties this weekend.

The striking members at the plant have received tons of support from the Hartland community and abroad, including students and staff at universities in New Brunswick and Newfoundland, who have joined the boycott of Covered Bridge Potato Chips.

Meanwhile, thousands of messages of support continue to pour in calling for a fair first contract. Join the campaign for fairness at Covered Bridge and send a message to the company to get back to negotiating  a fair contract.