Members from OUR Walmart Come Together to Fight for Walmart Greeter’s Rights

Angela and Vincent

With the support of UFCW Local 1657, six members of OUR Walmart recently came together to support Walmart greeter Richard Vincent in the Walmart Gulf Breeze store in Pensacola, Florida.

Despite a doctor’s note, Vincent was denied a chair to assist him in his job as a greeter, supposedly because of a Walmart policy saying that rather than follow a uniform procedure set by Walmart's home office, individual store managers can make calls like this.

In response to the store manager denying Vincent a chair, OUR Walmart members came together to uphold the rights of Walmart workers. OUR Walmart member Angela Williamson staged a sit-in on behalf of Vincent while other members supported her inside and outside of the store.

As a result of the solidarity action, the store management agreed that an open door meeting would be held about Vincent’s situation. With the support of OUR Walmart members, Vincent was able to secure a chair and Walmart will not retaliate for the action. Williamson was also allowed to stay and talk to Walmart associates about Vincent’s situation and the action.

With actions like this taking place around the country, OUR Walmart members are showing their coworkers, communities, and managers just how much they can accomplish when they stick together.