Chubb Edwards Hamilton vote to join Local 1000A

Workers from Chubb Edwards Hamilton recently became the newest members of UFCW Canada Local 1000A after voting strongly in favour of joining Canada’s leading voice for working families.

“Chubb Edwards workers wanted a concrete black and white contract that their company had to follow and they realized becoming members of our union was the best way to achieve their aim,” says Dustin Magee, Co-coordinator of Organizing for Local 1000A.

Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Chubb Edwards Hamilton is a 15-member unit, which installs security systems and fire alarms.

Brother Magee congratulated workers on their victory: “They have made an excellent choice for themselves and their families.”

Long-time UFCW Canada activist and Special Project Union Representative Kyle McGreal brought in the lead about the workplace. The organizing department worked as a team to organize the unit.