"Game for SAME" Draws Dozens of Students to Help Support Migrant Workers


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Recently, the Students Against Migrant Exploitation (SAME) chapter at Brock University held one of their most successful events so far. The event, entitled "Game for SAME," was a video game tournament that sought to raise awareness of the plight of Migrant Workers among the St. Catharines community, as well as fundraise for the families who were affected by the tragic February 2012 accident that claimed the lives of ten migrant workers in Homestead, Ontario.

After an impressive day of action at the Brock University campus in January, the SAME chapter took it upon themselves to organize a bigger and better follow-up event. The goal was to engage as many youth as possible through video games. Upon consulting with their peers, the students decided to include three of the most popular games available today: Call of Duty, Smash Bros., and NHL 12. Dozens of people began registering as soon as the event was announced, and in the end Game for SAME saw over one hundred students in attendance.

The gaming competition was fierce and prizes were awarded to all winners. In addition, SAME sold food and raffle tickets against the backdrop of live music. Due to its outstanding success, a second Game for SAME is already in the works, and there are plans for other SAME chapters to hold similar events in their cities.  ­

Jazmine Mitchell, President of Brock’s SAME chapter, explained that “the idea of using an activity that appeals to so many students as a means of engaging them was something we could not pass up. The truth is, unless we learn to use different ways of reaching out to youth, they will always be difficult to engage. That is why SAME seeks to inspire, educate, and mobilize youth in ways that also entertain them."

To read more about the event, and to view pictures of the day's activities, please visit www.thesame.ca.