All Attack But No Ideas

As speculation of a spring federal election intensifies, the Harper Conservatives have returned to their U.S. Republican-style campaign strategy of attack ads.

Harper’s latest round of ads has nothing to do with the ideas or ideology of his opponents but instead demeans the personalities, backgrounds and motivations of other party leaders. There is not one word in any of these ads concerning the policy or plans of Ignatieff, Layton or Duceppe. The ads are personal, nasty and hit below the belt.

But isn’t this what we have come to expect from Harper?

It is no wonder voter turnout continues to decline across Canada and all political parties struggle to attract quality candidates. Attack ads lower our political discourse to a point where people just don’t want to be involved.

Wouldn’t it be better to have an election that focuses on hope and ideas? A campaign about how we can make life more affordable for all Canadians not just a few?

But I guess when it comes to ideas about making life better for ordinary working families Harper doesn’t have much to say.