SAME mobilizes students at Brock University


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The Students Against Migrant Exploitation (SAME) chapter at Brock University in southern Ontario recently organized an event that mobilized a large group of students to sign a petition against farm worker exploitation.

To catch the attention of the bustling campus, the SAME chapter at Brock coupled its outreach and action effort with a popular pizza day.  “The event was a huge success that attracted more than one hundred students, who fully participated in the action, which also included a photo protest,” says Jazmine Mitchell, president of the SAME’s Brock Chapter.

Throughout the day, SAME members served up leaflets, informational packages, and brochures with each slice of tasty pizza. After hearing about the plight of migrant workers, a number of students expressed their outrage over the exploitation that thousands of migrant workers experience while trying to earn a living in agricultural operations across the province.

Upon learning about the shocking housing and working conditions that migrant farm workers face, a number of students expressed interest in helping to improve the workers' situation. Event participants also learned about how they can join the migrant workers rights movement as student activists, and by late afternoon, 120 photos had been taken of the youth making their own statement against migrant exploitation.

“It was an amazing opportunity not only because we were able to connect with the student body here at Brock, but also because the event gave people the opportunity to express how they feel about the issue and to learn how they can contribute to a deserving cause,” says Jazmine. “The photos of more than 100 students protesting for migrant farm worker rights are very powerful."

In addition to the successful pizza day, Brock's SAME chapter is also organizing a film screening, a student fundraiser, and a worker appreciation barbecue for May 2012. This spring, SAME hopes to continue their strong partnership with the Brock community by engaging in several outreach projects throughout the Niagara region. 

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