UFCW Canada celebrates 50 years of partnership at the 2011 NDP Convention in Vancouver


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UFCW Canada was in full force at the 2011 Federal NDP Convention held in Vancouver from June 17 to 19. Called Vancon2011, the convention drew over 2,000 New Democrats from across the country to celebrate the party’s historic breakthrough in the last election and to focus on fixing Ottawa by making sure working families have a strong voice in charting Canada’s future.

In keeping with the union’s long history with the party, UFCW Canada once again represented one of the largest labour delegations at the convention with activists from Locals 175 & 633, 247, 401, 832, 1000A, 1400, 1518, and 1977.

“This convention was especially important for delegates because it marked the party’s 50th anniversary – a milestone that UFCW Canada activists can take special pride in because our union played a key role in forming the NDP and that partnership has remained constant and strong every since,” says UFCW Canada Executive Assistant Paul Meinema.

As the most youthful convention in recent memory, Vancon2011 included many first-time delegates who fully participated in the panel sessions and met the party’s 66 new MPs, all of whom were a constant presence on the convention floor and made a special effort to introduce themselves to every one of the 2,000-plus delegates.

In keeping with the party’s youthfulness and new energy, UFCW Canada hosted a Saturday night social called “Rising Tides” that drew over 700 enthusiastic delegates and featured the Indie rock music of the Vancouver-based band Said the Whale.

“As Canada’s largest private-sector union we have the ability to be a political force that makes a significant difference in elections at every level of government, and with five provincial elections coming this year, we need to be doing everything we can to elect politicians who put the interests of our members and all working families first,” adds Brother Meinema.

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