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Jagmeet Singh’s climate plan is good, Scheer’s not so good according to CBC Fact Check

CBC’s Fact Check finds that Jagmeet Singh’s plan to tackle climate change and create 300,000 new green jobs is achievable while Andrew Scheer’s plan will fail to meet Canada’s Paris Agreement targets.

How the New Democrats could create 300,000 new green jobs
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Why Andrew Scheer’s climate plan won’t hit Canada’s Paris targets
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Saskatchewan Party cabinet committee looked to selloff SaskTel

Documents released by the Saskatchewan NDP revealed that the Saskatchewan Party government created a secret Crown selloff committee to look at ways to sell SaskTel.

NDP says secret government committee looked to sell off SaskTel
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Manitoba election a two-way race

Manitoba’s provincial election is a two-way race between the governing Conservatives and the NDP as the Manitoba Liberals and Greens struggle to nominate candidates

One month before Manitoba election, Liberals and Greens less than halfway to filling candidate slates
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Ford to help Scheer by staying out of federal election

With his popularity plummeting, Ontario Premier Doug Ford is going to help federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer the best way he can – by staying out of the federal election.

Doug Ford says he’s ‘not interested’ in the federal election
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