United Latinos International Convention

Over 200 United Latinos and UFCW activists from across North America recently gathered in Nevada to talk about a number of important issues involving Latino workers and the international labour movement, such as the need for immigration reform, and the essential role new immigrants can and must play in the union’s strategy for the future.

Given the tremendous importance of the convention, a delegation of UFCW Canada activists made the trip to the United States to take part in the three day gathering and share experiences and ideas for better engaging Latino workers and their communities.

While addressing the convention, United Latinos President Johnny Rodriguez made a point of welcoming the UFCW Canada delegation and commending them for all their “excellent work” on behalf of Latino-Canadians and the thousands of Latin Americans who come to Canada each year through migrant and foreign worker programs. 

Conventioneers also heard presentations from UFCW International President Joe Hansen, UFCW Canada National President Wayne Hanley, and legendary organizer and United Farm Workers co-founder Dolores Huerta, who enlightened the plenary with her vast experience and boundless passion for the cause of social justice.  

Pictured is Sister Huerta with the UFCW Canada delegation. From left to right: Victor Carrozzino, National Office; Pablo Godoy, National Office; Kevin Corporon, Local 1000A; Sister Huerta; Dustin Magee, Local 1000A; Jonathan Lobo, Local 1000A; Emmanuelle Lopez, National Office; Tony Soares, Local 1000A; Naveen Mehta, National Office; Brother Hanley; Michel Tardif, Local 501; and Alain Giroux, Local 501.

To see a photo gallery of the Convention, go to and join the UFCW United Latinos Facebook group.

Vol. X No. 39 • October 4, 2010