Training Resources for UFCW Locals

UFCW Canada Local Unions represent workers from dozens of industries in hundreds of workplaces across the country. The skills and abilities of union members are immense and varied, and keeping up-to-date is an ongoing challenge that UFCW Canada is committed to helping members meet. We offer courses that vary in length, delivery, and experience level. Whether you are a frontline worker, steward, or service staff, the following areas highlight the resources that we share with hundreds of thousands of members from coast to coast:

Member Training

• Health & Safety • Human Rights & Diversity • Mental Health • Money Sense • Social Media • Dealing with Customer Rage

Steward Training

• Stewards Networks • Problem Solving • Note-taking • Working with Emotional Intelligence • Conflict Resolution   • Everyday Leadership

Staff Training

• Train the Trainer • Collective Bargaining • Effective Meetings • Interviewing Skills • Layoff & Closure • Mentorship