EPAC takes activism to a new level

UFCW Canada activists from Manitoba, Ontario, and Nova Scotia recently gathered in Niagara Falls to participate in the second phase of an exciting new training program offered by the national Education and Political Action Committee (EPAC). The new advanced level course, called Election Campaigns, builds on the Introduction to Politics workshop and is a key part of the EPAC’s strategy for expanding the union’s network of politically engaged activists.

“The goal of the new Election Campaigns course is to equip UFCW Canada activists with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to make a difference at the polls by playing a significant role in the political campaigns in their communities,” says Bob Linton, UFCW Canada’s director of Government Relations and Political Action who also serves the National Council as the EPAC’s chairperson.

Brother Linton also said the EPAC is launching a Lobbying course in the fall to ensure UFCW Canada members have the skills to fully engage in every channel of political activism.

For more information about the EPAC training program, contact bob.linton@ufcw.ca.


Pictured left to right: Liam Wall, Local 175; James Mulhern, Local 175; Darcel Lecocq, Local 832; Sandy Proulx, Local 175; John Bennett, Local 864; Andrew Mackenzie, National Office; Corrine Brunet, Local 864; Marc Praill, Local 175; James Wilson, Local 175.


Vol. X No. 20 • May 25, 2010