National staff updates

UFCW Canada recently made a series of staff changes and expansions to further support the National Office and local unions in achieving the 2018 growth target, which calls on all members, officers and staff to combine their efforts to help 240,000 non-organized workers join the union over the next eight years.

UFCW Canada national representative Chris O’Halloran is now based in Calgary to assist with the Western Region’s demanding new growth agenda.

In addition to Brother O’Halloran, the Western Region also gained new UFCW Canada hires Lily Olson and Michael Toal. Sister Olson is concentrating her efforts in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and Brother Toal is based in British Columbia.

Extra capacity has also been added to the agriculture workers program with the addition of Alexes Barillas and Pablo Godoy to the national staff. Brothers Barillas and Godoy are also assisting with various other organizing and community building initiatives.

Youth and community activist Enver Harbans also joined the national staff. Based in Toronto, Brother Harbans is assisting the Ontario Region’s growth team with a number of active campaigns across the province.

The UFCW Canada Human Rights, Equity & Diversity department also increased its capacity to contribute to the growth agenda by welcoming Emmanuelle Lopez-Bastos, who has spent the last several years working for UFCW Canada Locals 175 & 633.

“Making sure UFCW Canada remains a leading force for positive social change and worker empowerment requires the union to set the bar very high when it comes to protecting our communities through successful organizing campaigns,” says UFCW Canada National President Wayne Hanley.

“The 2018 Growth Target is an ambitious goal that is only possible with the full commitment and support of all UFCW Canada chartered bodies, regions and activists. The significant expansion of the national staff over the past two years is all about making sure the union has the tools and the resources to meet that goal, and together with UFCW Canada local unions we will.”

Vol. X No. 26 • July 5, 2010