UFCW Canada Mission Statement

UFCW Canada is a workers’ organization that leads and is empowered by the voice and goals of the membership. As Canada’s leading union, we commit to the membership, Local Unions, and all workers in Canada to deliver our Mission with courage, integrity, precision and resolve.


To secure and promote fairness, safety, diversity, and dignity for every member. The Union will champion labour and human rights and serve the needs of the members, Local Unions, officers and staff through dynamic resources and services. We share the commitment to achieve a just workplace through collective bargaining, inclusiveness, and compassion for the broader community.

EMPOWERMENT: To empower the membership and Local Unions by vigorously supporting their efforts to bring fairness, social justice, and a union to the unorganized.
COLLECTIVE BARGAINING: To maximize bargaining strength in UFCW Canada core industries through strategic unity, growth, and community engagement.
COMMUNITY ACTION: To work as a progressive force to make Canada a just and equitable country that works for all who live here. The Union will support the efforts of the membership, our allies, and the community to bring positive change to the political and social environment.
EDUCATION: To provide the membership and their families vibrant educational resources and opportunities to advance their ambitions at work, at home, and in the community.
SOLIDARITY: To uphold that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, and to stand united in our diversity as an inclusive union and force of social justice.